Metal processing

Water jet cutting

An alternative to plasma cutting and laser cutting is water jet cutting.

Technologia wycinania ( „wypalania” ) strumieniem wodnym. Technologia wycinania ( „wypalania” ) strumieniem wodnym.

Cutting technology ("burning") jet.

Our company has the latest equipment KMT Waterjet Systems, the Swedish production, working with table size 1500 x 3000mm, which allows water jet cutting any shape. Water and abrasive pressure reaches the order of 4200 bars, and can easily cut any material from the thin film up to the thickness of 240 mm and even larger. A device used to control CNC technologies and projects are carried out with the use of CAD / CAM software.

The biggest advantage of this technology, compared with other treatment methods, it is cut ("firing") of materials in the cold. In contrast to the thermal cutting process (laser, plasma), water jet cut materials are not subject to thermal stress, so it is not surface hardened, twisted, the edges are not melted, and there is no emission gases generated in the thermal treatment czsie.

Technologia wycinania ( „wypalania” ) strumieniem wodnym. Technologia wycinania ( „wypalania” ) strumieniem wodnym.

Waterjet technology, due to its versatility, the use is virtually limitless.

You can either cut it all kinds of steel and metals (aluminum, titanium, alloys resistant to high temperatures, stainless steel, etc.), as well as stone, glass flat with numerous contours, floor tiles, parquet flooring, table tops, wall veneer, packing foam, fiber glass, teflon, rubber, cork boards, exotic and special materials: ceramics (intermediate and final products), corrugated roofing boards, Kevlar, laminates (low pressure cut - penetration without delaminatyzacji), wax, plastics (plastics high and low pressure ), Plexiglas, acrylic and more.

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Production department

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