Wind turbines

Wind turbine 300 12 V

Small wind turbine rotor 300 having a diameter of 1.22 m is able to achieve an efficiency of 46%. The permanent magnet generator with a three-phase alternating current is the wind speed 9.7 m / s to reach its capacity of 300 watts. Wind speed of 1,8 m / s

The project ensured the perfect fit all parts to ensure a quiet and reliable operation.


  • Warranty - 24 months
  • Packing - 70 cm x 40 cm x 21 cm at 18 kg
  • Weight - 15 kg
  • minimum wind speed - 1.8 m / s
  • Wind power at 9.36 m / s - 343 watts
  • Voltage - 12 V DC
  • Impeller - 3-winger
  • Current -Permanent
  • Rotor diameter (assembled) - 1.22 m
  • Material - Carbon-nylon/li>

The charge controller with display VWG 2008

This is our charge controller, which is the standard for our wind generators. ! The great advantage of the charge controller is that it works with AC! Then converts AC to DC voltage or provide a charging voltage of the battery available! And so it is suitable for all other three-phase wind generators. VWG Controller 2008 automatically detects whether you have a system 12V or 24V battery!


  • Model VWG2008
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) in mm 190x120x65
  • Charging voltage 14.4 V or 28.8 V
  • Charging current 40max. Power 10 or 120 Wpmax.
  • Three Phase Power Warning! (AC) 12 V, 600 W 24V 900W
  • Battery voltage is 12V or 24VModel VWG2008


You are entitled to 24 months of warranty!

We are not responsible for damage caused by wind turbines unknown mark! Contact us if your wind turbines do not affect the length of the warranty.

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